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Native Sustainable Landscapes is at your service to help you with any and all of your landscaping needs. 

Scroll below to explore what we’re all about.

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Sunny California is a treasuretrove of natural beauty. We wish to bring you the essence of the tropical desert we know and love.


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We have plenty of information regarding different varieties of plants that we will design with well placed mulches, stones, pebbles, grasses, or turf.

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Minimal water use is merely an additioinal benefit to going native. Your sanctuary will stand out in it’s beauty and symbiosis with the local ecosystem.

Call and let’s get started!

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Who doesn’t love cacti?

We sure do. Cacti and succulents are wonderful additions to your landscape, requiring very little water in order to thrive and grow. 

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The turf has arrived.

Artificial turf is a wonderful option for those seeking minimal maintenance. Whatever your budget is, modern innovations in turf manufacturing has made it possible to install many styles and varieties to meet your needs.

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Artificial turf is an excellent addition to a native landscape

Save water, money, and time while enjoying a long-lasting and impressive environment.


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We are specialists.

An unfinished landscape is like a blank canvas. There are endless possibilities. We offer concrete and masonry services in addition to installation of cobble and flagstone pathways. Whether you’re seeking a dried-riverbed look or wish to have a clean and sophisticated stone pathway, we’re on top of it.

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We offer ECO Landscaping services. Quiet, battery powered equipment with low-emissions gets the job done right.

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Let’s do our part in solving an old problem with a modern solution

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Native not for you?

NOT A problem.

Click below to see our traditional options.

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